METROFIETS cargo bikes are hand made in the USA – in Portland, Oregon.

All METROFIETS ship with minimal assembly required and feature internal 8 or external 10 speed drivetrain options; hub powered LED lighting; stainless steel fenders; a finished marine grade cargo box; disc brakes and more – starting at $3,795.

Despite having “fewer gears” the internal 8 is our go to setup and there is a reason why. Our friends over at Sheldon Brown explained it best…

“Internal-gear hubs are more reliable than derailer systems, and require much less maintenance.”  “Unlike derailers, internal hubs can shift at a stop, very nice in stop-and-go urban traffic.” Brown, Sheldon. Internal Gears. ND,  http://sheldonbrown.com/internal-gears.html. web, 08/07/2013

We have been using the Alfine internal 8 from Shimano exclusively for over six years now. Not only is it head and shoulders above other internal hubs but after six years of daily riding the first one we ever installed is still running strong. Of course, your milage may vary.

photo courtesy of http://prollyisnotprobably.com



Thanks for asking. Big enough for two kids plus groceries/gear/small pets. We make the boxes out of 12mm marine grade wood and finish it with a penetrating oil based stain that is UV stable, repels water and is easy to clean up.



After years of building custom cargo bikes for folks all over the world we stepped back to evaluate what we had learned.  We solicited feedback from customers, mechanics and engineers; a humbling yet productive exercise. We then went back into the shop to build an even better cargo bike. THE STANDARD was the result of our labor. Stiffer, lighter and wicked fast – the METROFIETS standard sets the standard for what one should expect form a steel cargo bike.

TIG welded fork and tubesets are a mix of custom drawn 4130 steel.  HAND MADE IN THE USA!

Your METROFIETS will ship to your doorstep or local bike shop, with some assembly required. Our desire is to get you in the saddle and to put a smile on your face – daily.

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